3 ways to lower your auto insurance premium

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With the high cost of home expenses constantly rising, people are trying to do everything that they can to save money. In some situations, one of the most effective ways of controlling household and other associated cost is to shop around for the best possible deals. Though some people may equate the best deals as usually related to how much can be saved on the grocery bill, clothing items, and other purchases, it is important to note that shopping around for the best prices may also include taking into account how much people can save on their on their annual auto insurance premium.

To keep this cost down to a minimum, there are some things that can be done. Some of the more beneficial are provided in the following in the three recommendations provided to you below.

Ask About Discounts

If you want to lower your auto insurance premium on your next insurance policy, it is important that you ask the right questions. One of the most beneficial involves the type of discounts that can be provided to the insurance holder. For instance, there is a relatively long list of discounts that you may or may not know about. However, to make sure that you are familiar with the different types of discounts provided by the insurance provider, it is essential that you ask about the discounted rates that can be made available to you. For instance, here is a list of the more commonly known discounts that you may qualify for today:

  • Safe Driver Discounts
  • Good Student Discounts
  • Multiple Vehicles Discounts
  • Multiple Policies Discounts
  • EFT Discounts
  • Paid in Full Discounts

Increase Your Deductibles

If your annual auto insurance premium is not low enough for you to pay comfortably after you apply for the discounts that you are qualified for, you can try an additional tactic to lower your auto insurance premium. This strategy is not new but quite common and people are using it most every day. For instance, if the owner of the vehicle increases their deductibles, they can save money. In some cases, people may increase their deductibles from $500 to $1000. However, prior to making this substantial change, please do due diligence first. By researching this information in advance, you will not get stuck with a premium that is too much to pay if the person does have an accident in their vehicle.

Keep a Clean Driving Record

Some people may drive fast naturally until they are pulled over and issued their first ticket. So, they may already have a bad record. Unfortunately, this type of practice is a prelude that is headed for paying the higher auto insurance premium right away. This statement is especially true since speeding tickets and accidents can increase the insurance premium amount that is due in the next year.

Shop Around

Lowering the cost can be challenging but it can be done when people are shopping around. By shopping around from one insurance provider to the next, you can find the best coverage plans without a lot of extras added to the insurance premium cost.

What are the signs and effects of phone addiction?

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Anxiety, loneliness, depression, and stress are the frequent symptoms of using a smartphone which will mostly lead to such problems and can also aggravate the problems. If you are used to using your smartphone in place of relieving yourself from awkwardness, loneliness or maybe anxiety in social occasions like for instance, the only thing you will achieve is to cut yourself off more from those around you. Gazing at your smartphone will not allow you have the direct interaction that can meaningfully help you connect with others, one that will enhance your mood and alleviate your anxiety. Meaning, if you choose a smartphone to be your anxiety remedy, it will only make it worse.

Below are the negative symptoms experienced by smartphone addicts:

Increasing solitude and despair: By engaging yourself to online activities just to get rid of boredom, depression, or maybe loneliness, at first it might seem like it’s actually working but with time you will realize it’s worse. Back in 2014 there was a study which showed that anxiety and depression was the link of high social network usage. More so, the teens who try to equate themselves critically with the peers on the internet hence promoting the feeling of depression and loneliness.

Fueling nervousness: A recent research discovered that even a mere company of a smartphone at work place is able to make someone anxious thus leading to poor performance on given tasks.

Increased stress: It is very stressful when you have to use your phone for work purposes, most of the time you get the urge of checking the emails or just the feeling of not being out of work staff.

Aggravating attention deficit disarrays: The continual stream of information coming from a smartphone overwhelms the brain making it impossible to concentrate on other things.

Shrinking your aptitude to focus and think creatively or deeply: Persistent use of smartphone takes away all the time even when you need to be alone with your thoughts so as to think, you will often find yourself connected to the internet instead.

Distressing your sleep: Excessive usage of a smartphone will frequently disturb your sleep, this can lead to several mental issues regarding your health like memory loss and other things.

Boosting self- absorption: The continuous posting of your pictures and all your thoughts will creates personality traits like narcissism which will lead to parting from real life hence making it hard to handle stress.

Overall cautions signs of smartphone obsession

You will often find yourself working up to late hours since you couldn’t complete your work on time. While you are busy playing video games online and all that, the laundry piles up and before you realize it there will be no food for dinner.

It creates isolation from friends and family since it consumes a lot of your time.

The feeling of thinking that you are missing out on something big if you are not connected online, will lead to anxiety.

Being used to taking your phone with you everywhere you go to the extent of whenever you don’t have it, you get the dreadful feeling of panic if you hear any vibration.

Basics of temporary auto insurance

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It’s a legal requirement for everyone who drives a car to have sufficient auto insurance in place- a minimum third party insurance policy is needed to cover damages that you may cause to others in an accident that was your fault. In most cases, the normal or standard policies bind you into a 12-month contract and may charge you interests on the premium if you decide to pay monthly- and will demand full payment in case you terminate your policy early.

With this in mind, what is the solution you require if you are to drive for a short period .i.e. if you borrow your friend’s car to go on vacation, borrow a pick-up from your close relative for relocation purposes, or want to lend your car to someone? In such cases, the 12 month insurance policy is complete overkill and far too expensive even to consider.

This is where temporary auto insurance comes into play. Also known as a short-term insurance policy, temporary auto insurance covers users driving a specific vehicle for a number of days-usually between one and thirty.

Just like a standard cover, temporary auto insurance offers all that the standard policy has to provide, but only for a short duration. Similar to normal coverage, the short-term insurance covers you from theft, burglary, natural event, accidents and third-party destruction.

According to the Mirror, one of the conspicuous benefits of having this cover is that users are only charged for the period that they are actually driving, and not any longer, so the costs are somehow minimized. In fact, many occasional drivers attest that the cover usually turns out to be a less costly option than having yourself added as a named driver onto an existing auto insurance covering the vehicle. And in any case, vehicle owners may not want to tarnish their or risk a no claim discount that has taken years to build up by adding a driver to their vehicles.

Even though the temporary auto insurance is not such a big deal such as the standard auto insurance, it’s prudent to compare the existing auto insurance firms, their costs and what they’ve to offer. Although you might be using the policy only for a limited period, you can still save immensely by choosing the right provider.

And the good thing about the insurance companies is that most of them have online insurance calculators that you can accurately determine how much you need to pay for a given period. Alternatively, you can just request online quotes from different providers for cost comparisons.

However, as easy as it may seem, there are various requirements that users need to fulfill before they are offered the temporary auto insurance. For instance, most of the providers often shy away from applicant below 25 years. Another requirement that most of the providers look for is your driving experience; for you to get the policy, you must have a clean record, or you won’t be getting that policy. Also, if you’re first time driver, you might find it challenging to look for a provider. Just be sure to conduct a thorough investigation before contacting and provider.

While temporary auto insurance has its share of complications, it’s safe to say that it’s more than convenient. However, do not think you can replace the normal policy with a short-term auto policy- it’s only for a short period.

Jack Bauer bag: for every gadget a man could need

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Few will argue that Jack Bauer is one of the toughest characters on television. In the hit TV show 24, Jack Bauer is a member of the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) and works with the FBI to keep America safe from some of the most notorious terrorists in the world. In the show, Jack Bauer is never without his handy messenger bag which seems to hold exactly what he needs right when he needs it, but you don’t have to be a famous tough guy on TV to have your very own Jack Bauer bag.

The Jack Bauer bag is more than just a messenger bag. The maker of the bag is Rothco, one of the world’s most trusted suppliers of military, tactical, and equipment makers who specialize in items that are tough and rugged for outdoors. The Jack Bauer bag used in 24 is called the Rothco vintage unwashed canvas messenger bag. The bag has one large interior zippered pocket and two front open top pockets. It has two side pockets with a snap closure. The best part about the Jack Bauer bag is that it is not just one big empty compartment where stuff can get easily lost. The compartments help keep everything organized and easy to access when you need to find something quickly.

The bag is made of heavy cotton canvas with the tough, durable strap. It measures 15” X 11” X 6” overall, which means that it can hold a number of items. It is perfect for carrying books, hunting equipment, small camping gear, and almost anything that anyone could think of or need. The versatility of the Jack Bauer bag is even better than its coolness factor.

Rothco supplies Jack Bauer bags to both military and civilian dealers. It has nearly 10,000 dealers globally and is known for its excellent customer service. Even though the bag used in 24 was black, the Jack Bauer bag can also be found in olive drab, smoke, tiger stripe camo, and gray. The adjustable strap allows it to be used off one shoulder, or with the strap coming across the chest to the opposite hip. The strap is quick and easy to adjust.

One of the bestselling points of the Jack Bauer bag is its durability. Is made to withstand the harshest climates and rough use. It is more likely that you would be able to fill it so full that you cannot lift it and still not be worried about it breaking. This everyday carry (EDC) is perfect for carrying your laptop, cords, external storage devices, and everything else you could possibly need to go with it. It is great as a photographer’s carrying bag, and of course hunters will love it. It is difficult to think of anything that this bag would not be useful for, or someone who does not need one. The Jack Bauer bag is more than just a messenger bag and it is more than just the coolness factor that makes this bag an essential part of every person’s gear.

Messenger bags are the perfect back-to-school accessory

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Summer vacation never lasts long, and soon it will be time to get ready to return to school. Cute messenger bags for school are a must-have accessory item this fall, and these bags are being used by all ages as a wonderfully-versatile alternative to other satchels. Regardless of the grade, messenger bags are an excellent carryall option that will go from class to work, the gym, or out on the town, effortlessly.

Some reasons to choose and use cute messenger bags for school are:

Adapts to any wearer

One perk of selecting a messenger bag for school is the versatility; these bags easily adapt and adjust to any wearer. Whether worn across the body or over the shoulder, adjustable straps and easy-access pockets make a messenger bag a viable option for any wearer. Want to bring along a laptop? No problem- the envelope-style of a messenger makes this a practical option.

Easy, cross-body style

Speaking of style, the reason that messenger bags have gained popularity is due to the inherent design of these convenient carryalls. These bags were first found in urban settings, worn by postal carriers and bicycle messengers. This may be why cyclists continue to use and wear messenger bags, in lieu of other tote options.

Grows with any individual’s needs

A cool and contemporary messenger bag easily will be a piece that is used for a lifetime. Gift a child their own messenger in a bold cotton canvas; embroider their initials or a motif on the bag to give it personal flair. Keep it simple and the child may grow with the bag, using it across the lifespan. Share a stylish leather messenger with an older individual for a bag that is comfortable to wear, and that holds enough for a weekend away.

Saves on your spine

If you have a school-aged child, you might worry about the load of heavy books and supplies that they carry to school every day. Backpacks are getting larger to keep up with this trend, yet it may be impacting posture and spine health. Cute messenger bags for school are better than backpacks as the cross-body styling puts the weight on the hips and lower-back, rather than the spine.

Classic roots

As mentioned, messenger bags have some significant historical roots including being the bag of choice for postal carriers. It is not unusual to see city-dwellers wearing messenger bags as they live life in urban communities. The convenience and ability to take what you need on the run makes these more useful than just cute messenger bags for school; these are perfect for shopping, the office, and even the gym, too!

Think about the bag that you buy for school carefully, and ensure that it is comfortable and durable enough to make the grade. Check out the cute messenger bags for school and the office, that will hold all your stuff with ease. Make a stylish statement when you go back to class with a cool and convenient messenger bag this school year!

The 5 best product review websites

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While we do our best to point you in the right direction of good products for your needs and steer you away from everything else, you may find yourself looking for more sources of information; asking for second opinions is inherent in sensible consumerism and is no doubt a virtue. In the name of said sensibility, here are a handful of the best product review websites, along with information detailing what makes the sources in question so great.

1. Amazon

Amazon is essentially an online department store and is, without question, Ebay’s most fearsome competitor. Unlike many marketplaces, Amazon allows users of products to leave reviews and actually puts a stamp under reviews which were made by someone who purchased the item directly from Amazon.

Better yet, Amazon has recently begun to take legal action against those who post fake reviews on their website. Because writing a fake review in exchange for getting sued isn’t in most people’s best interest, this means you can most likely trust those leaving said reviews. Coupled with their ‘Verified Purchase’ stamp, you can be sure you’re getting an honest review every time.

2. Ebay

Much like Amazon, Ebay is an online marketplace which also allows those who purchase a product to actually leave feedback regarding the buyer – in fact, they encourage them to do so. By reading reviews on Ebay, you can be sure the reviews in question were only written by those who have actually purchased the product, ensuring a higher level of trust between the reader and the reviewer.

3. Epinions

Unlike the above examples, Epinions doesn’t sell anything or act as a middleman between buyers and sellers. Epinions is one of the only true product review websites; it provides a place for product users to give feedback on things they’ve purchased and used in the past. What makes Epinions great is that, in the majority of cases, you aren’t getting one single opinion, but the opinion of many consumers jumbled into one website.

4. Trip Advisor

If the product you’re looking at isn’t something meant to take home (food at a restaurant, drinks at a bar, museum passes, etc.), Trip Advisor is the place to be. Users of the website are able to type in a specific location (anything from a city to a specific restaurant within a city) and receive a compilation of reviews.

Trip Advisor is great because it compiles a list of many people’s opinions on a place’s scenery, food, service and anything else relevant to the establishment one might be reviewing. It also actually gives owners of reviewed businesses a chance to reply to those who leave reviews, giving readers a better idea of what is actually going on.

5. The Better Business Bureau

The BBB is, hands down, the most well-known place to check up on customer feedback. To a business, a good standing with the BBB means everything. At the BBB, customers or patrons don’t review specific products, but rather a business as a whole.

Perhaps you’ve read about that new bike you’ve been looking at on product review websites, but want to know more about the manufacturer’s reliability when it comes to replacing parts or living up to pre-determined warranty agreements. The BBB is the place to go.

Are product review sites really dependable?

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When searching for a product on the internet, product review sites help a lot to judge the worth of the product. Something that describes a product keeping an eye on its features and other useful characteristics is called a product review. Generally, consumers visit various review sites to know other people’s point of view and first-hand experience with respect to the product they intend to buy. But there are hundreds of review sites and so are the reviewers. It’s a real difficult task to find out dependable product review sites that can provide unbiased and useful reviews. Product review sites can turn out to be really dependable if you find a genuine review site. Following are some useful tips that will help you to find out a dependable product review website.

Step #1

You have to admit that most of the review sites are partial in nature. In fact, they provide incentive payment, redemption points or different types of rewards to the reviewers, if they purchase a product after visiting the website. In the US, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) made it mandatory for all sites that sell products to declare their interest. So, you should check the FTC disclosure of the site at first to understand how authentic the reviews would be. According to the guidelines of FTC, the disclosure must be clearly displayed on the first half of a web page. So, checking this could help you locate dependable product review sites.

Step #2

Try to check whether the reviewer has purchased the product himself/herself. Most of the time, reviewer uses the information provided by the product manufacturer as the basis of the review and then just adds a few other factors gathered from other reviews to round it up. You should ideally search the review site for any declaration that says something like ‘we always publish a product review after we have purchased and used it ourselves”. A product review can’t be neutral enough if it’s based on the views of the product manufacturer.


Try to find whether the product has been really used by the reviewer or not. Sometimes, product reviews are posted within a few hours of making the purchase. It’s good to avoid such product review sites as well as the ones where reviews are written in the future tense. Instead, it’s advisable to depend upon those that are written in the past or present tense, because they carry more weightage than future expectations.

Step #4

Go through the reviews properly and check if any critical point is there to take note of. Perfection is rare in normal life and in products, it becomes even rarer. It’s advisable to avoid those product review sites where the reviewers find perfection everywhere in a product. Because in such cases, the reviewer is either not fully truthful, or possesses little critical ability. He/She could be very inexperienced too for being unable to judge a product analytically.

Step #5

Try to look for more information about the reviewer, particularly whether s/he has posts on other blogs or product review sites. Many renowned reviewers maintain a long list of subscribers who are fond of their reviews. You can depend on these experienced reviewers who would never advocate a poor quality product as they won’t put their reputation at risk or take chances with their subscribers going away because of dubious intentions reflected in biased and false reviews.

Thus, we can say that reliable product review sites are indeed dependable. The catch lies in finding them by separating the wheat from the chaff.

Hello world!

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