The best steamers for bed bugs on the market

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It is better off to exterminate bed bugs using steam than chemicals. Steam is considered to be more effective in controlling the critters because, at the correct temperature, it kills them at a larger scale than chemicals. Besides, unlike chemicals which leave a pungent smell after use, steam leaves the room fresh and bedbug free.

Your usual bedbug steamer may not be the best for the job. For that reason, I have listed the best steamers for bed bugs that you can effectively use to exterminate the troublesome bugs from your house.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer

The reason why I recommend McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer is that it produces the hottest steam that will descend hell on the bugs. The large 48 oz water tank is big enough to unleash extermination for a longer time. Water heats up to searing temperatures in 8 minutes. It can produce a stream of superhot steam for an incredible 45 minutes to eliminate each and every bedbug.

Another impressive thing about McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer is its affordable price. It is one of the cheapest steamers on the market. Not only does it kill mites and bedbugs but also dangerous allergens. It is amazingly multipurpose with the ability to clean mats, upholstery, and grease from surfaces, patio furniture and BBQ grill among other surfaces. The power cord is 15 ft long enabling you to reach the farthest corners and crevices to eliminate bugs.

MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

Vapamore never disappoints when it comes to the manufacture of steam cleaners. It is important to point out that this steamer was named to be the number one consumer pick by the Consumer Digest Magazine. It produces a devastating steam at 220 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bedbugs and their eggs in one simple spray. Other than bedbugs, it is effective against mites, germs, and allergens as well. Practically any surface requiring deep cleaning can be cleaned using MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner.

Comforday Handheld Steamer

What makes this steamer stand out is its convenient design which makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use. Its 1050W power consumption produces an impressive 270 degrees Fahrenheit which can be sprayed continuously for 20 minutes. A bedbug under such conditions will have the experience similar to that found in hell. Comforday Handheld Steamer can be used both indoors and outdoors for cleaning other surfaces as long as the safety lock located on the handle and the safety cap are set appropriately.

Wagner-915 Power Steamer

Wagner-915 Power Steamer has excellent reviews on many household and e-commerce websites. It comes with a range of options regarding ease of control over the equipment and usability. Its long 8 ft hose piper extends over a longer distance so that you can exterminate bedbugs over a large area. To supplement the already long hose pipe, it comes with two extra tubes to increase your range of extermination.

Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steamer

This steam cleaner comes with a powerful 1500W heating system which produces superhot steam in less than six minutes. With Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steamer, you can eliminate any imaginable creeper in your house.

How to choose the best propane grills

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Investing in propane grills can be a very nice idea. However, nowadays many manufacturers create propane grills with different features some of which can be beneficial while others can be deadly. In that case, the need careful when purchasing any of the propane grills to avoid disaster. In this article, we provide you with some basic steps on how to ensure that you are buying the best propane grill.

What are the factors to consider when buying propane grills?

As aforementioned, you do not just wake up one day and say that you are going to buy a propane grill. You first have to consider some factors such as:

Why do you need a propane grill?

Before signing up for anything, you must ask yourself why you need a propane grill. As it stands, the real contest is between natural gas and propane both of which have their upsides and downsides. Now that you have chosen to purchase a propane grill, you must look for a product that burns at high temperatures and enhances easy portability. All these will depend on your need for a propane grill.

Consider the BTUs

BTU is an acronym for British Thermal Unit. This is the measurement of the amount of heat that a grill can produce. On paper, a propane grill with a high BTU emits the hottest heat. However, that is not always the case because the BTUs are oversold at times. In that case, before signing up for anything, it is important to compare the BTU of the gas with the size of the usable cooking surface. The best propane grills always have 80-100 BTUs per square inch of the surface used for cooking.

The number of burners that the propane grill has

Normally, the higher the number of grills that a burner has, the higher its efficiency is. With more burners, you have “diversity” when cooking, thereby allowing you to make several dishes at a go. When out to purchase a propane grill, consider one with three to four burners. This will help you a lot when you have to make more meals at a go especially this festive season.

Consider the additional accessories

You can tell whether a propane grill is one of the best or otherwise just by looking at its additional features. For enhanced convenience, consider grills that have a side burner. Through this, you will be able to warm your already cooked food on the side as you continue cooking others meals. This will prevent your meals from going cold.

Another factor to consider when purchasing propane grill is determining whether you need a rotisserie. It provides you with additional cooking thereby increasing the chances of cooking better meals.

Propane grills can be very useful especially in the modern day. However, the biggest headache comes in choosing the best propage grills to purchase. By considering the factors above, you will be one step towards realizing your cooking dream. Remember you do not have to break the bank for you to get the best propane grills. Look at the various reviews available online for better deals.

Best rocking chair for new mom needs

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Preparing for a new baby to come home is not always a simple task. Even though the new mom has at least 9 months to get everything together, it is not uncommon for some mothers to wait until the last minute to buy everything that they need. Friends and family members may also load the mother up when a baby shower is given, but there are some items that may only be purchased by the mom and dads themselves. One of which involves the gathering of the perfect furniture for the baby’s room including a rocking chair for the mom. Since rocking chairs can differ greatly in brand, size, colors and other features, choosing the right rocking chair may involve shopping around for the best.

Fortunately, there is a vast amount of information online and in the local retail stores that can assist moms with buying the best rocking chair for new mom needs. To get started with this kind of shopping venture, one of the first things that the new mother may want to consider is the price. Specifically, if they are operating on a limited budget and they need to save money. So, for those of you who are interested in making the best decision possible, here’s a few things that you should factor in prior to investing in a rocking chair of your choice.

Price Range

As stated previously, if the buyer is on a strict budget, it is very important that they become very familiar with what’s on the market today. Since the prices for a rocking chair can range from relatively inexpensive to a very exquisitely designed expensive piece of furniture, these price ranges will need to be identified in advance. Meaning the buyer may purchase their rocking chair for as little as a hundred dollars or they can range up to several hundred dollars and more. So, the decision that is made will depend on the individual and their personal budget.

Choose the Right Color

Once the price range has been established, moms can pay special attention to other factors that will help them to make the best rocking chair for new mom decision. Since the baby may be sleeping in their own nursery, it is normally decorated in a special décor. In fact, many cases, the walls may be colored with blue or yellow for boys and pink for girls. Either way, the color of the room can make a significant difference in the overall selection. For instance, if moms are concerned about the rocking chair complementing the room’s décor, the best rocking chair for new mom should be the same or a similar color.

Size of the Chair

The size of the chair should also be factored into the buying decision. This is because the size of the chair should be selected by the size of the mother or by anyone else that will be assisting her in the nursery. Typically, the larger chairs can fit small, medium and the large size frame so the larger chair may be the better fit.

Selecting the best rocking chair for a new mom does not have to be a long or difficult decision. Specifically, if the buyer knows what they should be looking for. From choosing the right color and size to selecting a rocking chair within a specific price range, all of these items should be considered in order to make the best decision possible.

The best artificial Christmas tree reviews

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People who like artificial Christmas trees appreciate how easy they are to set up and the way they can be used multiple years in a row. For some people, they are often flimsy, but not all of them. In fact, many artificial Christmas trees are glamorous and elegant. If you are interested in buying one, these artificial Christmas tree reviews will give you a simple guide.

Santa’s Best 7.5 Feet Splendor Spruce EZ Power Artificial Christmas Tree

The nice thing about this particular model is that it includes pre-installed lights that make it a snap to decorate. It comes in white and multi-colored lights that allow you an unusual level of variety. They are also easy to set up, with a simple number system that lets you snap in branches without a struggle. Expect to pay a little bit more for this tree than you would a cheap one, but you’ll get what you pay for, as it is likely to last years.

Brookstone Pre-Lit Fraser Grande Hinged Trees

This sturdy and reliable artificial tree is often heavily praised in artificial Christmas tree review. Why? While it definitely looks great and is easy to put together, it has garnered positive reviews due to the LED bulbs that decorate each model. They are not only pre-lit and stay in the same spots, they also won’t burn out if a single bulb blinks off. Not incredibly expensive, this model retains a lot of class and style and looks great parked in just about any home.

Balsam Hill Balsam Fir

People who like to have major control over their tree should try this model. You can choose between multiple different heights, widths, and even light patterns. Unlit models are also available for those who want to decorate the tree themselves. With an easy-to-construct frame and simple tear down, this is a great option for those who want a different tree every year.

Winter Park Full Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a white tree that looks elegant in a large area, this is the tree for you. It too is pre-lit, making it easy to decorate. It costs half of the first model, though isn’t quite as nice as that intricate one. For one thing, it’s a little more tricky to put together that that model. However, it still comes recommended because it doesn’t feature those annoying “chain” lights that all go off when one bulb burns out.

National Tree Company Small Majestic Fir Tree

For those who want a tree that is a little smaller (such as those who live in a small apartment), this great little tree is the perfect choice. It stands only two-feet tall and can fit on just about any tabletop. You can purchase it in pre-lit or undecorated varieties, giving you a little more decoration options. While some people prefer trees that have already been decorated, others like the chance to do it themselves.

Deciding On A Tree

The myriad of trees available on the market can be difficult to wade through, but with these artificial Christmas tree reviews can help you sort through your options and find the one that is right for you.

How to shop for the best Conair Extreme Steam gadgets

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With so many different tools and equipment on the market today, most people have a very difficult time trying to choose the right kind of equipment for the tasks and projects that they need to perform. Since some tasks are more complex and time consuming than others, it’s essential that people do the proper amount of research prior to making a decision. To that end, there are some tools, equipment and accessories that can be used to keep an individual and their family’s clothing and other items clean, fresh and looking good all of the time. So, for those of you how are considering buying the Conair extreme steam gadget, here’s a few things that you and your family should know.

#1 – Conair Extreme Steam Gadgets Comes Available in Different Sizes and Models

Before an individual buys a Conair extreme steam gadget, people should know that they are available in different sizes and models. From holding the gadget in the hand so that a garment can be hand steamed quickly to laying it down on the garment to steam it in a manner than simulates the traditional iron, people can choose the type that will work best for them and the type of clothing designs involved. One of the primary functions that this kind of steamer requires is making sure all of their items are steamed quickly without a lot of unnecessary activities involved. So, people should make sure that they are selecting the best size that will fit most or all of their clothing and other ironing needs.

#2 – Pricing Quotes

Prior to making a purchase, most professionals recommend shopping around and reviewing the prices. This is an excellent suggestion for people who want to buy the best quality type since the prices can also vary greatly form one model to another. For instance, when shopping around, some people can afford to pay 99.95, while others may skirt around the higher prices to find the most affordable prices in the industry. This will also means it is best to shop around on different sites in order to purchase the right kind of Conair extreme steam version or model. Making the right decisions is also based on what the consumers are saying since they can pinpoint the best prices along with the top quality. For instance, if the hand held Conair extreme steam version works best on most of their items, the consumers can supply this information along with the reasons that support why it is being said.

#3 – Durability

Another important factor in making the right decisions when buying the Conair extreme steam solution is durability. Because people will more than likely use this type of steamer on a regular basis, they want to make a smart purchase. One in which will provide them with a long lasting durable steamer that they can use for many years to come instead of only a few months into the future. Again, this type of information is normally disclosed by the consumer.

2 reasons why a hammock is great for indoor living

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If and individual has decided to purchase an indoor hammock, it is essential that they do their research in advance. Since there are numerous things to consider, it is important that people make an informed decision. One of the first things that an individual should look at is how much room is needed for it to be hung properly as well as to be stored away. Another important issue is if it will fit well into the home’s overall décor. So, get started with this kind of project requires learning a lit bit more about hammocks and its usages in an indoor environment.

With this being said, some people may ask if a hammock is appropriate for a home, especially in situations where the home is designed with formal attire for its living space. Regardless to the situation or circumstances, to pull this kind of project off in the home, it will take quite a bit of ingenuity and creativity combined. For instance, one of the best ways to start is imagining the hammock as part of the home’s furnishings instead of an extra item being placed in a room. In some cases, if the room has enough space to place a small sofa, it also has room enough to place a hammock. With this in mind, here’s a few reasons why a hammock can be idea for furnishings inside the home.

Choose a Room to Create Summer Relaxation and ENO hammocks on sale

Some people enjoy the summer time since it allows them to lay around and relax for many hours at a time without being disturbed. So, just imagine an all year around experience that never ends. Swinging with a little breeze flowing through softly can also be simulated with the right type of air situation too. Therefore, this kind of project is an excellent scene to create in an extra room, child’s space and other place that the family can make these accommodations for.

ENO hammocks on sale and Preparations for Guests Sleepovers

In addition to creating a unique place for a family member summer experience, you may want to think about a space for your guests to bomb around too. In situations where the children may have guests that like to stay over, finding ENO hammocks on sale is also great ideal. For instance, some people like to use the hammocks to replace the traditional twin bed set ups or they may also choose to replace the common sleeper sofa. With this kinds of set=ups, however, the family may expect more stay overs than really intended. Specifically, they may create loads of extra fun for the entire family.

Some people enjoy using the non-traditional themes in their living spaces since they may create all kinds of innovative ideas. This is why people who find ENO hammocks on sale can visualize the set-up that they want in advance to replace the small sofa in an extra room or use the set-up in the space that is provided for their guests.

Why read PUR water filter review before you buy

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The best practice to buy any product is to read reviews and understand all about the products and customer experiences. This is no different when you decide to install a PUR water filter as it’s advisable to read PUR water filter reviews to make a wise decision. Reading reviews not only exposes you to the pros and cons of the product but also highlights the usage and maintenance of them. This would, in fact, help you to clarify all common doubts from the technician who comes to install the unit in your property.

PUR water filters leverage the MAXION technology, which uses activated carbon. This carbon absorbs pollutants and organic compounds. The carbon filters are made of heat-treated coconut shells that produce pores within the carbon grains, which in turn absorb or trap contaminants in the tap water.

When you browse through multiple PUR water filter reviews, you will come to know about the different types of PUR filters and will be able to decide which one suits your requirements the best. Some common types and features that most PUR water filter reviews talk about include:

  1. Water Faucet Mounts: PUR ultimate horizontal water filter as well as the PUR advanced faucet water filter models can be instantly installed in your water faucets.
  2. Water Filter Pitchers and Dispensers: This includes the PUR 18-cup water filter dispenser, which can remove up to 96% of pharmaceuticals trace levels; and the PUR classic 7-cup water filter pitcher, which can remove 95% of mercury. The other types in this model include PUR class 11-cup water filter pitcher with LED; and New ultimate 7-cup pitcher with LED. The in-built LED lights in these models provide indication when you have to change the filter.
  3. Replacement Water Filters: PUR basic faucet mount replacement water filter, PUR pitcher replacement water filter, and PUR advanced faucet mount mineral clear replacement water filter are other options of filters and accessories.

It’s only when you go through a good PUR water filter review that you will understand the benefits such a filter has to offer. Here are a few of them:

  1. PUR filters can help you get rid of the common heavy metals in pipelines and plumbing, such as lead and mercury. They can also remove trace levels pharmaceuticals including hormones, mood stabilizers and antibiotics. Even industrial pollutants from nearby factories are ruled out when you have a good water filter system installed.
  2. PUR filters improve the taste of water by removing chlorination by-products and disinfectants.
  3. PUR filters do not remove fluoride from water, which is beneficial for teeth.
  4. Since PUR water filters rule out the option of disposable containers, they contribute immensely to the environment. Moreover, all parts of PUR filters are made of recyclable materials. You can recycle the entire system for free, as PUR works in partnership with TerraCycle.
  5. PUR filters are very cost-effective solutions, as they originally cost less for the new piece as well as for the replacement filter parts.

To simply put, unless you go through a good PUR water filter review, you will not be aware of all the above facts and make a wise buying decision.

Know the technology behind your home water filtration system

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Treating drinking water is quite common a practice at every residence, across the globe. This is simply because the water that comes in from tap is often not drinkable as it contains a lot of contaminants and components that are not healthy for human health. Thanks to a lot of research and studies going on about the components of water and their effects on human health, people are now aware why it’s crucial to purify not only drinking water, but also the water that is used for bathing or showering. The effects of industrial run-offs, chlorine and biological contamination not only affect the taste of water adversely, but also contaminate it to a great extent. This is why it’s important to install the right home water filtration system.

The quality of water varies from region to region. Hence, the purification process that is apt for a family may not be right for another. Depending on the quality of the water and the components it contains, you should choose your home water filtration system. If you are wondering what could be the right solution for treating the water at your home, you can consider taking a look at the technology behind these units.

What is Filtration?

This is the basic physical process to purify water. Whenever some gases, liquids and suspended or dissolved matter stick to the pores or to the surface of an absorbent medium, the process of filtration occurs. The volume, size and the charge of the contaminant particle are the factors that determine the process of filtration. There are three broad categories of filtration, as follows:

  • Ultra-filtration – Devices that use ultra-filtration technology have pore size of 0.01 micron, on an average. These types of devices help remove different particles, based on their charge, size and weight. This technology is known to be extremely effective when it comes to removing protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. This also helps eliminate bacteria like Shigella, Salmonella and Campylobacter. However, as far as viruses and chemicals are concerned, this technology can handle those moderately.
  • Micro-filtration – Devices based on this technology have an approximate pore size of 0.1 micron. These devices can get rid of protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidium with high efficiency, and can remove bacteria with moderate efficiency. However, these devices can’t remove viruses or chemicals.
  • Nano-filtration – Devices that are manufactured using this technology usually have pore size of 0.001 micron. These units, too, can remove particles based on their charge, weight and size. When it comes to removing protozoa, this technology is highly effective. It can also remove bacteria like Campylobacter, Shigella and Salmonella with high levels of efficiency. These devices can also remove viruses like Rotavirus, Norovirus, Enteric and Hepatitis A quite effectively. However, this technology is moderately effective when it comes to removing chemicals.

These are the main technologies behind water filtration systems for homes. If you are planning to invest in a home water filtration system, make sure you have the water quality report ready at hand. Based on this report, you can pick up the most effective water filtration unit for your family.