3 ways to lower your auto insurance premium

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With the high cost of home expenses constantly rising, people are trying to do everything that they can to save money. In some situations, one of the most effective ways of controlling household and other associated cost is to shop around for the best possible deals. Though some people may equate the best deals as usually related to how much can be saved on the grocery bill, clothing items, and other purchases, it is important to note that shopping around for the best prices may also include taking into account how much people can save on their on their annual auto insurance premium.

To keep this cost down to a minimum, there are some things that can be done. Some of the more beneficial are provided in the following in the three recommendations provided to you below.

Ask About Discounts

If you want to lower your auto insurance premium on your next insurance policy, it is important that you ask the right questions. One of the most beneficial involves the type of discounts that can be provided to the insurance holder. For instance, there is a relatively long list of discounts that you may or may not know about. However, to make sure that you are familiar with the different types of discounts provided by the insurance provider, it is essential that you ask about the discounted rates that can be made available to you. For instance, here is a list of the more commonly known discounts that you may qualify for today:

  • Safe Driver Discounts
  • Good Student Discounts
  • Multiple Vehicles Discounts
  • Multiple Policies Discounts
  • EFT Discounts
  • Paid in Full Discounts

Increase Your Deductibles

If your annual auto insurance premium is not low enough for you to pay comfortably after you apply for the discounts that you are qualified for, you can try an additional tactic to lower your auto insurance premium. This strategy is not new but quite common and people are using it most every day. For instance, if the owner of the vehicle increases their deductibles, they can save money. In some cases, people may increase their deductibles from $500 to $1000. However, prior to making this substantial change, please do due diligence first. By researching this information in advance, you will not get stuck with a premium that is too much to pay if the person does have an accident in their vehicle.

Keep a Clean Driving Record

Some people may drive fast naturally until they are pulled over and issued their first ticket. So, they may already have a bad record. Unfortunately, this type of practice is a prelude that is headed for paying the higher auto insurance premium right away. This statement is especially true since speeding tickets and accidents can increase the insurance premium amount that is due in the next year.

Shop Around

Lowering the cost can be challenging but it can be done when people are shopping around. By shopping around from one insurance provider to the next, you can find the best coverage plans without a lot of extras added to the insurance premium cost.

The best steamers for bed bugs on the market

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It is better off to exterminate bed bugs using steam than chemicals. Steam is considered to be more effective in controlling the critters because, at the correct temperature, it kills them at a larger scale than chemicals. Besides, unlike chemicals which leave a pungent smell after use, steam leaves the room fresh and bedbug free.

Your usual bedbug steamer may not be the best for the job. For that reason, I have listed the best steamers for bed bugs that you can effectively use to exterminate the troublesome bugs from your house.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer

The reason why I recommend McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer is that it produces the hottest steam that will descend hell on the bugs. The large 48 oz water tank is big enough to unleash extermination for a longer time. Water heats up to searing temperatures in 8 minutes. It can produce a stream of superhot steam for an incredible 45 minutes to eliminate each and every bedbug.

Another impressive thing about McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steamer is its affordable price. It is one of the cheapest steamers on the market. Not only does it kill mites and bedbugs but also dangerous allergens. It is amazingly multipurpose with the ability to clean mats, upholstery, and grease from surfaces, patio furniture and BBQ grill among other surfaces. The power cord is 15 ft long enabling you to reach the farthest corners and crevices to eliminate bugs.

MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

Vapamore never disappoints when it comes to the manufacture of steam cleaners. It is important to point out that this steamer was named to be the number one consumer pick by the Consumer Digest Magazine. It produces a devastating steam at 220 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bedbugs and their eggs in one simple spray. Other than bedbugs, it is effective against mites, germs, and allergens as well. Practically any surface requiring deep cleaning can be cleaned using MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner.

Comforday Handheld Steamer

What makes this steamer stand out is its convenient design which makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use. Its 1050W power consumption produces an impressive 270 degrees Fahrenheit which can be sprayed continuously for 20 minutes. A bedbug under such conditions will have the experience similar to that found in hell. Comforday Handheld Steamer can be used both indoors and outdoors for cleaning other surfaces as long as the safety lock located on the handle and the safety cap are set appropriately.

Wagner-915 Power Steamer

Wagner-915 Power Steamer has excellent reviews on many household and e-commerce websites. It comes with a range of options regarding ease of control over the equipment and usability. Its long 8 ft hose piper extends over a longer distance so that you can exterminate bedbugs over a large area. To supplement the already long hose pipe, it comes with two extra tubes to increase your range of extermination.

Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steamer

This steam cleaner comes with a powerful 1500W heating system which produces superhot steam in less than six minutes. With Steamfast SF-275 Canister Steamer, you can eliminate any imaginable creeper in your house.

What are the signs and effects of phone addiction?

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Anxiety, loneliness, depression, and stress are the frequent symptoms of using a smartphone which will mostly lead to such problems and can also aggravate the problems. If you are used to using your smartphone in place of relieving yourself from awkwardness, loneliness or maybe anxiety in social occasions like for instance, the only thing you will achieve is to cut yourself off more from those around you. Gazing at your smartphone will not allow you have the direct interaction that can meaningfully help you connect with others, one that will enhance your mood and alleviate your anxiety. Meaning, if you choose a smartphone to be your anxiety remedy, it will only make it worse.

Below are the negative symptoms experienced by smartphone addicts:

Increasing solitude and despair: By engaging yourself to online activities just to get rid of boredom, depression, or maybe loneliness, at first it might seem like it’s actually working but with time you will realize it’s worse. Back in 2014 there was a study which showed that anxiety and depression was the link of high social network usage. More so, the teens who try to equate themselves critically with the peers on the internet hence promoting the feeling of depression and loneliness.

Fueling nervousness: A recent research discovered that even a mere company of a smartphone at work place is able to make someone anxious thus leading to poor performance on given tasks.

Increased stress: It is very stressful when you have to use your phone for work purposes, most of the time you get the urge of checking the emails or just the feeling of not being out of work staff.

Aggravating attention deficit disarrays: The continual stream of information coming from a smartphone overwhelms the brain making it impossible to concentrate on other things.

Shrinking your aptitude to focus and think creatively or deeply: Persistent use of smartphone takes away all the time even when you need to be alone with your thoughts so as to think, you will often find yourself connected to the internet instead.

Distressing your sleep: Excessive usage of a smartphone will frequently disturb your sleep, this can lead to several mental issues regarding your health like memory loss and other things.

Boosting self- absorption: The continuous posting of your pictures and all your thoughts will creates personality traits like narcissism which will lead to parting from real life hence making it hard to handle stress.

Overall cautions signs of smartphone obsession

You will often find yourself working up to late hours since you couldn’t complete your work on time. While you are busy playing video games online and all that, the laundry piles up and before you realize it there will be no food for dinner.

It creates isolation from friends and family since it consumes a lot of your time.

The feeling of thinking that you are missing out on something big if you are not connected online, will lead to anxiety.

Being used to taking your phone with you everywhere you go to the extent of whenever you don’t have it, you get the dreadful feeling of panic if you hear any vibration.