Messenger bags are the perfect back-to-school accessory

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Summer vacation never lasts long, and soon it will be time to get ready to return to school. Cute messenger bags for school are a must-have accessory item this fall, and these bags are being used by all ages as a wonderfully-versatile alternative to other satchels. Regardless of the grade, messenger bags are an excellent carryall option that will go from class to work, the gym, or out on the town, effortlessly.

Some reasons to choose and use cute messenger bags for school are:

Adapts to any wearer

One perk of selecting a messenger bag for school is the versatility; these bags easily adapt and adjust to any wearer. Whether worn across the body or over the shoulder, adjustable straps and easy-access pockets make a messenger bag a viable option for any wearer. Want to bring along a laptop? No problem- the envelope-style of a messenger makes this a practical option.

Easy, cross-body style

Speaking of style, the reason that messenger bags have gained popularity is due to the inherent design of these convenient carryalls. These bags were first found in urban settings, worn by postal carriers and bicycle messengers. This may be why cyclists continue to use and wear messenger bags, in lieu of other tote options.

Grows with any individual’s needs

A cool and contemporary messenger bag easily will be a piece that is used for a lifetime. Gift a child their own messenger in a bold cotton canvas; embroider their initials or a motif on the bag to give it personal flair. Keep it simple and the child may grow with the bag, using it across the lifespan. Share a stylish leather messenger with an older individual for a bag that is comfortable to wear, and that holds enough for a weekend away.

Saves on your spine

If you have a school-aged child, you might worry about the load of heavy books and supplies that they carry to school every day. Backpacks are getting larger to keep up with this trend, yet it may be impacting posture and spine health. Cute messenger bags for school are better than backpacks as the cross-body styling puts the weight on the hips and lower-back, rather than the spine.

Classic roots

As mentioned, messenger bags have some significant historical roots including being the bag of choice for postal carriers. It is not unusual to see city-dwellers wearing messenger bags as they live life in urban communities. The convenience and ability to take what you need on the run makes these more useful than just cute messenger bags for school; these are perfect for shopping, the office, and even the gym, too!

Think about the bag that you buy for school carefully, and ensure that it is comfortable and durable enough to make the grade. Check out the cute messenger bags for school and the office, that will hold all your stuff with ease. Make a stylish statement when you go back to class with a cool and convenient messenger bag this school year!