Facts about choosing a hands free dog leash for runners

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Even though people like to run in parks and other public places, there are some fears that they normally deal with when they are making a path down the side walks. Some of the top fears that many people have usually deals with other people’s pets and stray dogs approaching them aggressively. While some pets may not be harmless at all, some people still have a fear of these pets attacking them in one way or another. Therefore, there are laws and ordinances in parks and other public places that require the owners to ensure their pets are placed on a leash so it will keep them under proper control of them at all times. Since trends are constantly changing many different things people use today, it appears that no area or industry has gone unchanged.

Therefore, for those of you who want to change and follow along with the latest trends in the industry, you may want to learn a little more about the hands free dog leash for runners. It does not matter if you are running one mile or two, hands free dog leash for runners can be very beneficial to everyone who wants to lose weight and keep healthy. In fact, the hands free dog leash for runners can be ideal for many different reasons.

How does these leashes work? This is one of the questions that most people ask when they see or hear the name. So, one of the first things that the manufacturer will explain to people who are interested is these leashes can be strapped to the shoulder or the waist. Therefore, people should buy the type of leash that will fit their interest and situation best. With this said, here’s a few features that people should look for.

– A leash that can extend as far as 9 feet so that it can give the dog plenty of room for it to play. With a long leash, the dog will not get bored because they can run long extended areas before they have to be pulled back.

– A leash that will give each pet the freedom to run without having to keep the dog on a hand leash. This means the people can run with other items that they may need in their hand instead of the leash. From carrying a bottle of water for refreshment to run as long as the person can to carrying a stop watch to record the time running, there are so many reasons for using this handsfree version of the leash.

There are many different great products on the market for pets today. So, people should do their research in advance prior to making a decision to buy. Since there are codes that govern how dogs enter the parks and public places, people should know as much as they can about these types of leashes. Fortunately, there is a lot of great information online that will display how these leaches are designed and how they can be attached on an individual or on a nearby tree in the park.

Things you ought to know when buying and using a dog leash

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When you own a dog, the dog leash is an important tool you must have. In fact, it’s even a requirement of the law that you must have it when walking your dog outside. But how do you get to choose a good dog leash and collar that will help you achieve total control over your dog?

You’ll need a simple leash and collar

If your dog is generally calm and doesn’t have disobedience issues on the walk, a simple leash and collar will do the trick. Always walk your dog by your side to keep them out of harm’s way. This will also help you gain balance and total control during walks.

The slip collar

If your pet dog gets easily distracted by other dogs, squirrels etc, the slip collar is a great tool to get their attention back on track.

The leash can be pulled firmly on the side to get the dog’s attention. However, when you pull it straight back, that dog will attempt pulling against you. So rather than taking this route, just give a quick firm pull towards the side and you will get them on track.

The pack leader dog collar

This tool helps to keep the slip right at the top of the dog’s neck. This is the most sensitive part of the neck. This tool is suitable for dogs who don’t respond well to slip collars. If your dog has trouble when pulling, a pack leader dog collar will work the magic.

But it you place it on the lower part of their neck, you will be essentially giving the dog total control over you. This is where the dog has the most strength for pulling. That’s the reason you should put it on top of their neck where they will be most sensitive to your movements and action.

The harness

This is a great tool when you want your dog to pull you instead. And regardless of the type of collar you use, you must pay attention to your energy. You are not using words to tell your dog how to walk, what speeds to walk at and when to stop. This is the work of your dog leash, and it makes it easier for you to walk your dog.

Good visibility

The more visible you and your dog are at night, the better your safety will be. Use a reflective tape on the dog’s leash. Alternatively, you can invest in a reflectorized harness to make your job simple. An illuminated dog leash is designed to keep you and your dog safe when walking at night.

If you’re not sure how to use these tools, consult a local professional or the pet store for some help. Do not assume that you know when you don’t.

Obedience is what every dog owner wants to see in their dog. And by training them using the right tools, even the stubbornest of dogs can learn to keep calm. So it’s definitely a must to invest in a good leash for walking your dog.

How to make your teeth whiter – an easy guide

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As people begin to age, their teeth will often begin to appear dingy and yellow. Because most people do not have the funds to go to a professional dentist for these services, they may need another option that they can use to whiten their smile. Fortunately, today people do have a wide range of whitening alternatives that they are sharing with others. So, its best for people to do their research in advance.

There are many different sites online that address topics like how to make your teeth whiter. These sites are great for helping to supply natural solutions that people have used over the years. Many of which have been recommended by an individual’s own parents and other relatives who have always taken care of their teeth properly. For instance, some people highly recommend using baking soda as a natural teeth whitener. Baking soda is recommended for numerous things including keeping the breath fresh and clean when there is no toothpaste in the home to use. Or, some people simply use baking soda on a regular basis to get the ultimate benefits out of their daily regimens.

Baking soda may be used alone or some people are recommending a mixture of baking soda with other ingredients like strawberries or lemon juice to whiten the teeth. Baking soda is normally on the top of the list of how to make your teeth whiter solutions because it is a mildly abrasive option that allows people to scrub the teeth easily to remove stains on the surface of the teeth. It is also all natural, which means the person does not have to be worried about harsh side effects that will adversely affect their oral health.

How to make your teeth whiter using all natural solutions is an excellent choice for people who want their smile to change gradually instead of quickly. Therefore, people may opt to use an all natural solution that will achieve these purposes. Others, however, may not care about having a perfect smile quickly so they may look at their options that will tell them suggestions on how to make your teeth whiter by using other means like going to a professional dentist for various kinds of suggestions. For instance, some professional dentists may recommend an over the counter home treatment that their patients can use. These over the counter teeth whitening solutions normally guarantee several shades whiter than the person’s present shade within a certain amount of time. So, the person has an option of choosing the one that their dentist recommends or the solutions from others that have had personal experiences that were pleasant and positive.

When people begin to get older, the color of their teeth can change greatly from very white to dingy yellow over time. Reversing these affects is not always easy but there are some great solutions out there that others are benefiting from using. Some of these whiteners involve the use of baking soda and other all natural ingredients, while others may be recommended as over the counter whitening treatments that’s recommended by a dentist.

Giant camping tents: 4 essential characteristics

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Choosing giant camping tents is a challenge because they come in various shapes, features and sizes. However, with a little research you can choose the best one based on your budget and priorities. Below are a few characteristics you should be on the look out for when buying camping equipment.


Three-season tents are usually lightweight and perfect for temperate conditions in the summer, spring and fall. These tents come with enough mesh panels to allow for air flow as well as keep all of the insects away, although they cant filter sand. They can withstand downpours, but they’re usually not the best choice in terms of harsh storms, snow or heavy winds. Their primary function is to provide privacy to your family.

Four-season giant camping tents are designed to keep up with the harsh winter. They come with thicker fabrics and heavy poles. They have dome designs so as to eliminate flat roof space. However, ventilation can be hindered because of their thickness which often results in a warm and stuffy feeling when the weather is mild. Their primary function is to withstand violent weather patterns.


Many giant camping tents are designed to be transported in a vehicle. Just look at its packed size in order to make sure that it will fit your car boot and the pitch which you have chosen for your campsite. Many of these tents claim to accommodate a specific number of people, but these ratings are sometimes unrealistic. So just remember to allot 30 square feet per person.


Take note of any odd-shaped giant camping tents that have big flooring areas but dont have enough room for your family members to stretch out in their sleeping bags. You should imagine how each individual would coexist inside the tent. For instance, does your wife snore loudly or do your children fidget while sleeping? You should also look for one that is easy-to-setup tent so as to avoid the stress of spending extra time on getting set up.

Windows and Doors

Make the most out of your space by increasing the perception of space and light with windows. You should also be able to find models that have built-in or pre-attached windows that block the light. Not only do windows give a much better sense of space, but they add ventilation which makes everyone more comfortable.

You should also consider getting family tents with at two doors in order to help with air flow. Two doors allow you the flexibility of leaving and entering your tent in the most convenient way. You also reduce foot flow which helps during the harsh rainy weather.

The type of giant camping tents you choose can often make or break your camping trip. And this is why it is essential that you shop with purpose and know what direction you would like to go in. These tips will help to give you an idea of what options are best for your family camping trip.

The athlete’s method to increasing vertical jump

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Every athlete wants to find a way to jump higher. Whether it is basketball, volleyball, or another sport, better leaping ability can help improve in-game performance.

The best measure of how high someone can jump is the vertical leap. It measures the distance one elevates off the ground. Vertical jumps are a key measurement in many sports. There are usually two variations, the standstill vertical and the running vertical where one gets a running start before leaping. Usually the standstill vertical jump is the official measurement athletic personnel use.

Measure Your Initial Vertical Jump

First, you would want to figure out where you are at with your current vertical jump. Stand against a wall or a pole and have someone mark where you hand reaches up. Then, jump upward and have someone mark the highest point of your hand at the apex of your jump. The distance between the two markings should be your vertical jump measurement.

Improve by Jumping… Rope

There are actually some simple ways to help improve the muscles used when you jump.

Jumping rope regularly helps to strengthen such muscles. Don’t skip the rope, but actually jump to clear the rope each time. The method where the ankles are together when you jump. Try to do it about 15 minutes daily.

For more variations these exercises can help you, try this link.

Do Some Squats

Squats are another simple way as it works the lower half of the body, the area you are using every time you try to gain elevation. Three sets of 10 squats.

One such exercise is the Bulgarian split squat. You need a bench and start by facing away from the bench. Reach back with one leg until the top of your feet rest on the bench with you knees bent. You are then standing on one leg, which will be doing the bulk of the work this exercise, while the back leg on the bench will be used for balance. Once in the starting position, lower yourself down until the knee on your back leg (the one with the feet on the bench) almost touches the ground, then rise back up to complete the rep. This will help you improve balance and build leg strength.

For more on this exercise and a few other tips, check this link.

Flex the Hip

When it comes to improving jumping ability, some specialists recommend working the hip flexors.

These are a group of muscles which are commonly referred to as the inner hip muscles. Their function is to pull the knee upward. For better vertical, these muscles need to be loose. However, sitting around all day makes it fairly contracted. This inhibits one’s vertical jump because you aren’t getting the full extension in the hips.

An exercise that can help get that full extension back: the hip flexor pulse stretch. You put one knee on the ground and other leg has the feet on the ground with with knee bent and the thigh 90 degrees from the feet and calves. Put a hand on the bent leg just above the knee push forward with his pelvis, but keep your upper body still. This stretches your hip flexors.

This site provides several other good stretches for the hip flexor.

Use A System Over the Course of Time

Building up your vertical jump take time. Some of the exercises here are fairly simple and the ones mentioned above provide a good start.

However, that may not be enough for others. Long-term jumping build-up often comes over time. For some, it is a matter of coming up with an extended plan to improve one’s vertical leap, such as this one.

These plans include a combination of exercises, ranging from stretching to jumping to straight leg workouts. What these plans do is to start slowly, then gradually build up over the course of the plan. The aim is to have long-lasting development on one’s jumping ability.

Equate whitening strips can help take years off your smile

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Teeth Whitening used to be done in dentists office using cosmetic dentistry procedures. This type of cosmetic service can cost hundreds of dollars and was formerly the beauty secret of celebrities and models. According to Wikipedia, bleaching or whitening teeth is used to remove surface stains such as coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine. there are several methods individuals can now use at home to safely and effectively whiten teeth.

One option is to use whitening trays, which are filled with gel and then affixed in the mouth like a denture mold. This process has been shown to be quite effective; however, the process is messy and time consuming. Paint on gels can also be messy and not stay where applied long enough to be effective.

Wikipedia notes that Crest was the first brand to introduce whitening strips in 2001. The active ingredient in white strips is hydrogen peroxide. The Crest Brand and Colgate teeth whitening products, although highly rated, were cost prohibitive for many consumers.

Walmart stores carry their own brand of economy priced health and beauty products called Equate. Just about any popular brand name cold medicine, antacid or pain reliever can be found under the Equate label. Equate Whitening Strips are one of the products listed on the Walmart brand page, where you can locate and purchase their budget friendly products.

Equate whitening strips are made of peroxide attached to a paper strip and the strip is affixed to the teeth and left on for several minutes, depending upon the whitening desired. The strips are mostly invisible when applied and you can go out shopping or run errands while whitening your teeth; however, you cannot eat or drink while wearing them. The first reason is to avoid dislodging the strip and the second, most important reason is so you don’t ingest the chemicals applied to the strip. The process is usually repeated for seven days to achieve maximum effectiveness.

No matter how expensive the procedure, whether in a dentist’s office or in your own bathroom, your results may vary. Natural teeth vary in shades and some individuals start out with a whiter smile than others. If the product is only meant to reduce stains, it will not lighten your natural tooth shade beneath the stains.

Teeth whitening products, from trays to strips, can have side effects. According to Animated Teeth, a dental advice website, people with sensitive teeth should avoid whitening products, as well as anyone with gum irritation or disease. Some experts say that using teeth whiteners wear away enamel, causing the teeth to become more porous and thus more easily saturated by ingredients that stain, like coffee, placing the consumer in an endless cycle of whitening to get rid of unsightly stains.

If you have any dental conditions or have sensitivity to cold, heat or sweetness, be sure to check with your dentist before using any tooth bleaching products like Equate Whitening Strips. For many individuals, using whitening strips like the ones produced by Walmart’s Equate Brand can remove years of stains and take years off your happy smile.

Finding a good beach chair with umbrella attached

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Days at the beach are some of the best days to enjoy. If you are a beach dweller you have equipment when you head down for a day of salt and sea. One of the best things to take along is a beach chair with umbrella attached. So which are the best durable brands? There are some great bargains out there on beach chairs.

Walmart has an excellent beach chair with umbrella attached. It is called the Ozark Trail Mountain Chair and it comes in three colors and is very inexpensive if you want to buy these types of chairs for family events at the beach. The best type of beach chair with umbrella attached is one that will protect you from the sun while you are out enjoying the sand and surf for the day.

Quality Beach Chair with Umbrella Attached

There are some quality chairs if you are serious about your beach time. Bed Bath and Beyond has an excellent chair called the “Quik Chair Quik Shade Folding Arm Chair.” This chair is a bit more expensive and it has much more to offer. It has two cup holders, a carry bag with shoulder strap, very sturdy frame, no assembly required, and a thirty day warranty. This chair received good reviews and people who bought this chair seemed to love the construction and how easily it folds away for storage.

If you want even more to your beach chair with umbrella you can shop at Dick’s Sporting goods for the “Swimways Kelsyus Premium Canopy Chair” it is a little more expensive but well worth the money. This chair has an oversized seat with a steel tube frame. It has a very nice cup holder with O-Rings for serious beverages at the beach. This very nice chair also comes with a convenient carrying case so you can also take your chair to sporting events and picnics. This chair received rave reviews from customers who bought it.

Buy Beach Chairs For the Family

Dick’s Sporting goods also has the “Quik Shade Beach Chair.” It is a very nice looking beach chair with umbrella that is lower to the ground for comfort. It is relatively inexpensive. It has adjustable settings to lay back and relax and a cushioned head rest. The reviews on this chair were five stars across the board. If you are buying a beach chair with umbrella attached it is best to shop around and find the best quality for your money. It may be something you only need for one event but if you frequent your children’s games and events this chair will come in handy to protect your skin and keep you comfortable.

A good beach chair with umbrella protects your whole family. Get a whole set and have a great time at the beach and at sporting events with shade on top. This is a great gift idea for beach lovers and sports lovers alike. Grab some for your friends so everyone has a shady great time at the beach.