Buying the best camping chair – 4 specifications to look for

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Camping is probably the most common way of exploring natural wonders along with various kinds of activities like backpacking, fishing, lounging etc. But a camping trip can’t be complete without proper camping gears. Camping chair is undoubtedly one of the most sought after accessories among camping enthusiasts. A camping chair can’t be considered as your best camping chair until it offers you the utmost comfort and an optimal experience. To help you in your endeavor of finding the best camping chair, four important specifications are given below.


The best camping chair should have a sturdy frame to offer adequate support to people of varying weight and height. Apart from padded seats and a sturdy frame that lets one sit in and move out comfortably, these chairs should also offer great back support. Many varieties of the best camping chair even come with adjustable backrests and footrests to let your body relax after a tiring day outdoors.

Carrying bag

There are lots of things that you’ve to carry from the car to your campsite. Food, bulky tent, utensils and beverages are just to name a few. In this scenario, addition of a bulky camping chair can easily weigh you down. A carrying bag for the camping chair can make things a little easier. Most manufacturers provide this for the sake of easy packing and transportation. While buying, stay away from carrying bags made of lighter materials because in varying conditions, they can easily get damaged. Some of the light camping chairs come fitted with shoulder straps that allow you to keep your hands free. These would be your ideal choice, provided they are lightweight and easy to carry along.

Heavy-duty fabric

While looking for the best camping chair, make sure that it’s constructed out of heavy-duty material. Though you can find some low-priced models in the market, it’s recommended to avoid those. Since a camping chair is a long term investment, cheaper models won’t work well on the durability quotient. Usage of poor quality fabric generally leads to disintegration or fraying in the long run. To avoid these, you should look for a camping chair made of sturdy polyester or nylon. Some high-end chairs come fitted with a meshed back that keeps you well ventilated. In order to avoid smelling and getting the look of the chair damaged, consider looking for a moisture and stain resistant fabric. While purchasing the best camping chair, try one fitted with a dark colored fabric as that would make stains of spillages and spits comparatively less visible.

Cup holder

This specification becomes especially useful when you’re lazying on the beach or enjoying barbecue with your beverages at hand. When you have a cup holder fitted in the armrest, you won’t need to lean down repeatedly for picking the drinks from the ground. Though sizes of the cup holders may vary, some standard cup holders can easily hold a 24-ounce water bottle. Many camping chairs come fitted with a mesh pocket inside the cup holder to avoid spillages. You should ideally look for best camping chair with more than one cup holder if you tend to drink frequently.

The 5 best product review websites

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While we do our best to point you in the right direction of good products for your needs and steer you away from everything else, you may find yourself looking for more sources of information; asking for second opinions is inherent in sensible consumerism and is no doubt a virtue. In the name of said sensibility, here are a handful of the best product review websites, along with information detailing what makes the sources in question so great.

1. Amazon

Amazon is essentially an online department store and is, without question, Ebay’s most fearsome competitor. Unlike many marketplaces, Amazon allows users of products to leave reviews and actually puts a stamp under reviews which were made by someone who purchased the item directly from Amazon.

Better yet, Amazon has recently begun to take legal action against those who post fake reviews on their website. Because writing a fake review in exchange for getting sued isn’t in most people’s best interest, this means you can most likely trust those leaving said reviews. Coupled with their ‘Verified Purchase’ stamp, you can be sure you’re getting an honest review every time.

2. Ebay

Much like Amazon, Ebay is an online marketplace which also allows those who purchase a product to actually leave feedback regarding the buyer – in fact, they encourage them to do so. By reading reviews on Ebay, you can be sure the reviews in question were only written by those who have actually purchased the product, ensuring a higher level of trust between the reader and the reviewer.

3. Epinions

Unlike the above examples, Epinions doesn’t sell anything or act as a middleman between buyers and sellers. Epinions is one of the only true product review websites; it provides a place for product users to give feedback on things they’ve purchased and used in the past. What makes Epinions great is that, in the majority of cases, you aren’t getting one single opinion, but the opinion of many consumers jumbled into one website.

4. Trip Advisor

If the product you’re looking at isn’t something meant to take home (food at a restaurant, drinks at a bar, museum passes, etc.), Trip Advisor is the place to be. Users of the website are able to type in a specific location (anything from a city to a specific restaurant within a city) and receive a compilation of reviews.

Trip Advisor is great because it compiles a list of many people’s opinions on a place’s scenery, food, service and anything else relevant to the establishment one might be reviewing. It also actually gives owners of reviewed businesses a chance to reply to those who leave reviews, giving readers a better idea of what is actually going on.

5. The Better Business Bureau

The BBB is, hands down, the most well-known place to check up on customer feedback. To a business, a good standing with the BBB means everything. At the BBB, customers or patrons don’t review specific products, but rather a business as a whole.

Perhaps you’ve read about that new bike you’ve been looking at on product review websites, but want to know more about the manufacturer’s reliability when it comes to replacing parts or living up to pre-determined warranty agreements. The BBB is the place to go.

Super giant camping chair reviews

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Camping out is a fun weekend activity for the family. Getting the right equipment is important for a great time and making some serious memories. Whether you have a tent and sleeping bag for camping or have a camper. A giant camping chair is a need not a want for camping. You can use picnic benches but for real comfort it is the best to bring a giant camping chair along so you can relax.

What are the best giant camping chairs out there? Getting a good value for your money can be hard with camping equipment. Many companies do take advantage of camping needs with cheaply made products. Get a giant camping chair that you can count on to last through many camping trips.

Giant camping chairs need to be long lasting and sturdy for camping. It is not a good idea to purchase equipment for a few uses and then expect to throw it out. Purchasing good products that last are better for value and money. Oddity Mall has a truly giant camping chair that has six cup holders and can hold two adults. This giant camping chair is made with durable quality materials, and it is large enough for two people.

Huge Super Daddy Jumbo Folding Camp Chair

The “Huge Super Daddy Jumbo Folding Camp Chair” is over five feet tall can hold up to four hundred pounds and has extra padding for added comfort. These giant camping chairs are fabulous and rate 4.5 stars at Amazon. These chairs are terrific for a gag gift for dear friends you camp out with. Just imagine the pictures and laughs you will have in these chairs drinking your favorite beverages in the summertime.

CBH Associates Giant Chair

The “CBH Associates Giant Chair” is perfect for camping it also holds up to 400 pounds and includes a handsome carrying case. This great chair has six cup holders and is super comfortable to take on your camping trips. They can be purchased at Big Sporting Goods for a very good price.

These chairs are great for honeymooners in their first year of marriage. Buy one as a wedding gift and see the smiles from your friends when they receive a giant camping chair built for two. This is a great idea for gift giving, because a giant camping chair can be used at sporting events or picnics along with your camp outings. Keep it handy in your trunk for special occasions outside or picnics as well.

Big Kahuna Travel Camp Chair

The “Big Kahuna Travel Camp Chair” holds up to 800 pounds and is made for serious campers who love to enjoy their camping. It comes with a carrying case and is relatively inexpensive for excellent lasting quality in a giant camping chair. These can be purchased at Back Country online and they are excellent chairs for the money and quality. Serious campers need only apply for these chairs.

Be sure that you don’t just get a gimmick for this purchase. Check the customer reviews for your best purchasing experience. These huge chairs can be an excellent for gift giving as well as comfortable for two people. Moms with babies will adore this gift for stretching out and serious comfort while camping out.

Are product review sites really dependable?

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When searching for a product on the internet, product review sites help a lot to judge the worth of the product. Something that describes a product keeping an eye on its features and other useful characteristics is called a product review. Generally, consumers visit various review sites to know other people’s point of view and first-hand experience with respect to the product they intend to buy. But there are hundreds of review sites and so are the reviewers. It’s a real difficult task to find out dependable product review sites that can provide unbiased and useful reviews. Product review sites can turn out to be really dependable if you find a genuine review site. Following are some useful tips that will help you to find out a dependable product review website.

Step #1

You have to admit that most of the review sites are partial in nature. In fact, they provide incentive payment, redemption points or different types of rewards to the reviewers, if they purchase a product after visiting the website. In the US, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) made it mandatory for all sites that sell products to declare their interest. So, you should check the FTC disclosure of the site at first to understand how authentic the reviews would be. According to the guidelines of FTC, the disclosure must be clearly displayed on the first half of a web page. So, checking this could help you locate dependable product review sites.

Step #2

Try to check whether the reviewer has purchased the product himself/herself. Most of the time, reviewer uses the information provided by the product manufacturer as the basis of the review and then just adds a few other factors gathered from other reviews to round it up. You should ideally search the review site for any declaration that says something like ‘we always publish a product review after we have purchased and used it ourselves”. A product review can’t be neutral enough if it’s based on the views of the product manufacturer.


Try to find whether the product has been really used by the reviewer or not. Sometimes, product reviews are posted within a few hours of making the purchase. It’s good to avoid such product review sites as well as the ones where reviews are written in the future tense. Instead, it’s advisable to depend upon those that are written in the past or present tense, because they carry more weightage than future expectations.

Step #4

Go through the reviews properly and check if any critical point is there to take note of. Perfection is rare in normal life and in products, it becomes even rarer. It’s advisable to avoid those product review sites where the reviewers find perfection everywhere in a product. Because in such cases, the reviewer is either not fully truthful, or possesses little critical ability. He/She could be very inexperienced too for being unable to judge a product analytically.

Step #5

Try to look for more information about the reviewer, particularly whether s/he has posts on other blogs or product review sites. Many renowned reviewers maintain a long list of subscribers who are fond of their reviews. You can depend on these experienced reviewers who would never advocate a poor quality product as they won’t put their reputation at risk or take chances with their subscribers going away because of dubious intentions reflected in biased and false reviews.

Thus, we can say that reliable product review sites are indeed dependable. The catch lies in finding them by separating the wheat from the chaff.