5 benefits of using a cup holder for beach chair

November 19, 2015 at 1:11 am • Posted in OutdoorsComments Off on 5 benefits of using a cup holder for beach chair

Cup holder for beach chair is the wisest way to make the most of your fun time on the beach. While you are at your favorite spot by the beach, sitting on the most comfortable beach chair with your legs stretched out, just imagine what fun it would be to sip your favorite beverage every now and then without worrying about any spillage or wondering where to keep it safely in between the sips. Perhaps this is what we call pure bliss!

Though a cup holder for beach chair may sound like the other add-on elements which you can opt for, it serves several purposes and brings quite a few benefits your way. You can realize and experience all these only when you actually have one.

Why Opt for a Beach Chair with Cup Holder

You can enjoy several benefits with a cup holder for beach chair, five of which are as follows:

  1. Detachable Cup Holder: Using a detachable cup holder for beach chair can be an extremely flexible way to enjoy your beach sojourn. Whenever you wish to organize picnics or camp on the beach, you can fix the holder to the arm of the chair while enjoying the sun and the sand, and remove it while you move around. Most often, the detachable feature of the cup holder is there to ensure portability of the chair so that hauling it isn’t a big task.
  2. Multipurpose Holder: There are high-end styles of clip on holders that are designed to accommodate more than just cups. These have a design similar to a tray with provision to hold cups, mobiles, mp3 players etc.
  3. Ultimate Relaxation: Having a cup holder for beach chair can offer you the ultimate relaxation. When you are sunbathing, you can keep yourself hydrated by placing a bottle of water by your side all the time. You may also store additional cold drinks and other beverages if the cup holder for beach chair is large and strong enough.
  4. No Spillage: While most of the cup holder designs are made for standard sized cans and bottles, some have adjustable features to fit obscure sizes as well. This ensures sturdiness and an appropriate fit, which in turn helps you avoid unwanted spillage even when you are sipping on a giant cup of chilled cocktail or your favorite fruit juice in a bizarre shaped bottle (with a size that’s not standard).
  5. Hands-Free: When you use a chair that doesn’t have a cup holder, you will have to constantly hold the bottle of drink in your hand or place it on the sand. It is practically not possible for you to relax and enjoy the environment while you are carefully holding something in your hand. A cup holder for beach chair lets you enjoy the convenience of sitting and relaxing on the beach, hands-free.

In addition to being used as a cup holder for beach chair, the detachable holders can also be fixed to your cycle, bike, wheel chair, deck chair or even boats. Most often, the cup holders are made of mesh design to prevent mildew formation. Due to adequate ventilation in such designs, the surface of the cups or bottles remains dry so that your hands don’t feel wet. In addition, if you buy a cup holder for beach chair with adjustable holder, it can accommodate cups of variable beak sizes as well. Thus, owning a cup holder for beach chair serves you wherever you go.