Features of the best backpacking tent

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Investing in the best backpacking tent would go a long way in making you feel comfortable while you go camping and have to stay at the campsite. Being lightweight is one of the key features of the best backpacking tent, which is why many campers prefer carrying one along on their camping trips. When you decide to buy the best backpacking tent, you shouldn’t focus just on its weight. Other factors like the type of material it’s made up of, its quality as well as the user-friendliness of the tent too should be taken into account. For you to make the most of your investment, you ought to understand the features of backpacking tents before buying one.

The best backpacking tent – some notable features

  1. Structure: Majority of the best backpacking tent models these days boast of a ‘freestanding’ style. Tents with this feature do not require stakes for being set up. However, some people believe that tents with stakes provide more sturdiness and resistance against adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, a freestanding tent is extremely handy if you have less time or are too tired to set up a tent.
  2. Vestibule: There are overwhelming choices of backpacking tents among which some focus on certain additional futures. Look for the ‘vestibule’ feature, as it gives you extra space to store your gear. This feature can come handy when you need to store things out of the way in an overcrowded multi-person tent, or at times when you need some space to change out of muddy/wet gear before getting into the dry and clean part of your tent. If you plan to cook inside the tent, you must make sure the vestibule is big enough for the purpose, as this will give adequate space for the emissions from cooking to get out.
  3. Weather compatibility: The best backpacking tent is the one that’s weather-resistant. Different tents are designed for different purposes and seasons. There are summer tents, two and three season tents, and even four-season tents. Depending on your camping needs, you must look for the best tent that suits both your needs and budget.
    • Summer tents are lightweight tents, which are designed to provide you with adequate shade and shelter from the scorching sun. They cannot withstand severe weather conditions, as they have adequate ventilation and mesh panels with just two support poles.
    • Two or three season tents can withstand weather variations of spring, summer and fall. They can be sturdy against rain or storm but aren’t suitable for use in extreme cold weather.
    • Four season tents are strong enough to handle snow, wind and rain. These are ideal for all seasons, as they can stand erect and firm against any kind of weather. If you are a regular camper, this is the best backpacking tent for you.
    • Expedition tents are exclusively designed for extreme weather conditions and are also known as five season tents. They can endure heavy gusts of wind, sudden/severe drop in temperatures and heavy snow.
  4. Space: Space is another essential feature you ought to ensure, based on your personal requirement. You have to calculate the tent space relative to the number of campers, the things you plan to take and accommodate in it, your cooking plans etc.

In essence, the best backpacking tent must have all the above features to make your camping comfortable and fun.

Why read PUR water filter review before you buy

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The best practice to buy any product is to read reviews and understand all about the products and customer experiences. This is no different when you decide to install a PUR water filter as it’s advisable to read PUR water filter reviews to make a wise decision. Reading reviews not only exposes you to the pros and cons of the product but also highlights the usage and maintenance of them. This would, in fact, help you to clarify all common doubts from the technician who comes to install the unit in your property.

PUR water filters leverage the MAXION technology, which uses activated carbon. This carbon absorbs pollutants and organic compounds. The carbon filters are made of heat-treated coconut shells that produce pores within the carbon grains, which in turn absorb or trap contaminants in the tap water.

When you browse through multiple PUR water filter reviews, you will come to know about the different types of PUR filters and will be able to decide which one suits your requirements the best. Some common types and features that most PUR water filter reviews talk about include:

  1. Water Faucet Mounts: PUR ultimate horizontal water filter as well as the PUR advanced faucet water filter models can be instantly installed in your water faucets.
  2. Water Filter Pitchers and Dispensers: This includes the PUR 18-cup water filter dispenser, which can remove up to 96% of pharmaceuticals trace levels; and the PUR classic 7-cup water filter pitcher, which can remove 95% of mercury. The other types in this model include PUR class 11-cup water filter pitcher with LED; and New ultimate 7-cup pitcher with LED. The in-built LED lights in these models provide indication when you have to change the filter.
  3. Replacement Water Filters: PUR basic faucet mount replacement water filter, PUR pitcher replacement water filter, and PUR advanced faucet mount mineral clear replacement water filter are other options of filters and accessories.

It’s only when you go through a good PUR water filter review that you will understand the benefits such a filter has to offer. Here are a few of them:

  1. PUR filters can help you get rid of the common heavy metals in pipelines and plumbing, such as lead and mercury. They can also remove trace levels pharmaceuticals including hormones, mood stabilizers and antibiotics. Even industrial pollutants from nearby factories are ruled out when you have a good water filter system installed.
  2. PUR filters improve the taste of water by removing chlorination by-products and disinfectants.
  3. PUR filters do not remove fluoride from water, which is beneficial for teeth.
  4. Since PUR water filters rule out the option of disposable containers, they contribute immensely to the environment. Moreover, all parts of PUR filters are made of recyclable materials. You can recycle the entire system for free, as PUR works in partnership with TerraCycle.
  5. PUR filters are very cost-effective solutions, as they originally cost less for the new piece as well as for the replacement filter parts.

To simply put, unless you go through a good PUR water filter review, you will not be aware of all the above facts and make a wise buying decision.